Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chapter III: Relates How Oliver Twist Was Very Near Getting A Place Which Would Not Have Been A Sinecure.

Well I guess I am up, my name is Chanel and I will be bringing you today chapter 3 of Oliver Twist, I hope you enjoy what I thought of this chapter.

When we first read this chapter Oliver is a prisoner in a dark room, (pretty good start for the chapter right?) anyway how did he end up here you ask?,long story short poor Oliver asks for more gruel which was unheard of, resulting in where we are now, in a dark room.

In comes Mr.Gamfield talk about first impressions he is a fat chimney sweep who has a nasty temper, who just so happened to be looking for an apprentice, I think you know where I am going.

After bickering the price of Oliver back and forth the board let Gamfield take him for three pound ten, which wasn't to Gamfield satisfaction but he took the deal.

Leading poor crying Oliver Gamfield leads him to another man named Mr.Limbkins, who was a half-blind magistrate. After asking questions and deducting I think through this he had already made this mind up, but how Oliver looked and acted confirmed it.

After all that Oliver was brought back and put back into let, which is pretty sad when you think about it hasn't he been through enough already?.

Anyway I hope you enjoy this, it was interesting to write. I will see you guys later in the next chapter I do.

Happy Reading!

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