Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chapter II: Treats of Oliver Twist's Growth, Education, and Board

Nathaniel here. Today is Chapter II. In this chapter, we learn about what transpired between Oliver's birth and his ninth birthday.

From the beginning, we learn that Oliver, from the first eight or ten months, was "the victim of a systematic course of treachery and deception."  He was taken care of, but he was wanted to be sent to a branch-workhouse that was home to 20 or 30 juvenile offenders, which was "under the parental superintendence of an elderly female."

Now, Mrs. Mann, described as the "good lady of the house" is visited by Mr. Bumble (on Oliver's birthday, nonetheless), who is a beadle. (someone in an religious organization, who may usher, keep order, or other things too numerous to count.

Anyway, Mr. Bumble starts talking to Mrs. Mann, while meanwhile, Susan gets Oliver and cleans him up.
Then, Mr. Bumble takes Oliver to his new home, where the famous line you've might have heard before is "Please, sir, I want some more." As soon, the board, as well as Mr. Bumble, are horrified, because of Oliver's request. To which a gentleman in a white waistcoat says, "That boy will be hung. I know that boy will be hung."

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  1. I love Dickens! I'm currently reading "A Tale of Two Cities." Last year I read "Great Expectations." I'm a huge fan of 19th century literature.